Kabaddi: Rules and Regulation (Laws of Kabaddi)

Kabaddi: Rules and Regulation (Laws of Kabaddi)

Read all rules and regulation of Kabaddi in 4th Kabaddi World Cup 2013.

Raid’s Time – A raider shall be entitle to 30-Seconds to touch a player of the opponent team or being touched from the time he cross the gateline and back to his court. If a raider touching any defender or having touched by a defender touches the gate line with any part of his body or crosses it without infringement of these rule within 30-seconds, he shall be awarded one point. If defender (stopper) holds the raiderin his ‘Pala’ during and up to those 30 seconds, a point shall be awarded to the stopper. The raider has option/right to give up struggling within or the expiration of that 30 seconds period however in that case a point will be awarded to the stopper (Defender).

Touch – The touch means the contact by or with any part of the body of a raider or defender.

Raid – When a raider goes from his court into the court of the opposing team, it is called a raid. No raider shall be allowed to go as a raider more than two consecutive times.

Struggle – When a raider touches a defender or a defender touches a raider, it shall be called a struggle.

Misconduct – The committing of a prohibitory foul shall constitute a misconduct. Abusing and shouting onto other teammate, opponent teammate, referee, anymember of the organizing committee and member of federation constitute misconduct and there will be disciplinary action shall be taken against such player.

Warning – Showing of a card (yellow, or red) to a player by the Umpire during a match shall be treated as a warning to a player for his misconduct.

Yellow Card – Any player who repeats minor misconduct shall be liable for a Yellow Card. Such players shall be liable for two to five minutes suspension from the play at the discretion of the Umpire.

Red Card – Any player who repeats misconduct or behaves during a match or otherwise commits a major violation of these rules shall be liable for disqualification for the rest of the match/tournament at the discretion of the Umpire and the Ontario Federation.

Hold a Raider – During the struggle between Raider and the Stopper all other player of defendant return to the raider’s court until the 30 second expires. It shall be called a “hold” by the defender.

Successful Raid – A successful raid shall be one when a raider, after touching any of defender reaches his court or home safely within 30 seconds.