All About Kabaddi World Cup 2018, 2019, 2020

All About Kabaddi World Cup 2018, 2019, 2020

We will talk about the Kabaddi World Cup 2018 – in this match, India defeated Iran by a small margin which is only 18 points. The players of India Monu Goyat and Ajay Thakur proved themselves in this match, 3 tackles were made by India in this match and the player Ajay Rawat scored nine points which helped India to win the title. If we talk about the final score then India’s total point was 44 and Iran’s total point was 26. The match was dominated from the beginning, Ajay was the leading attacker. 

If we talk about that day then the Indian kabaddi team was led by the raider Ajay Thakur and he was the star of this match. On Saturday evening, the Indian team dominated the other team and the match was super exciting because both teams were giving tough fights to each other. The main player apart from Ajay and Monu is Rishank Devadiga.

Iran Beating Pakistan with huge points which is 21 and the players were also running high with confidence. In 2016 Iran also lost to Indian in the kabaddi world cup. The match was held in Dubai at the AI Sports club. 

In the beginning, when they played with Korea they were under pressure so the coach of the Indian kabaddi team Srinivas Reddy changed his strategy for the match. The riders and defenders of the Indian cricket team were not able to pace the Koreans so the coach made an important change at the starting of the match and he added in the team Monu Goyat. 

In short, all 6 countries released their squads on June 16, 2018. It was conducted by the International Kabaddi Federation and the two other nations that also joined this nine-day tournament and were Argentina and Kenya. 

India was cubbed with Pakistan and also the newcomer team Kenya in Team A and in Team B – Iran, Korea, and Argentina took place.

First, the two groups battle with each other, and those who win take part in the semi-final and after that in the final. India from the beginning played very well, the captain of the team was Ajay Thakur.

Indian team attacked very strongly on the other team with their riders:

  • Deepak Niwas Hooda
  • Monu Goyat 
  • Pardeep Narwal 
  • Rahul 

The defensive was:

  • Girish 
  • Surender Nada.

The final match between India and Iran have super excited the team of Iran was:

  • Hamid Mirsaei 
  • Mohammad Maleki
  • Hadi Tajik 
  • Mohammad Amin
  • Mohammad Esmaeil
  • Mohammad Ghorbani 
  • Mohammad Kazem 
  • Taghi Paein
  • Afshin Jafari 
  • Emad 
  • Mohammad Malik 

It is the name of the Iran player who played in the final with the Indian team. If we talk about this tournament then the two players of Iran were sold for Rs. One crore and 76 lacs and the names of those players are Fazel and Abozar but they never performed as everyone expected from them.

🏆 Moments of Kabaddi World Cup 2019 

In the year 2019, the kabaddi cup was organized by the Punjab government in the month December. This tournament was mainly dedicated to the anniversary of Guru Nanak dev Ji, it was guru Ji’s 550th birthday. 

As per the state govt Minister Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi that in this tournament nine teams will participate and when it is done total of nine teams will take part in the world cup 2019:

  • Australia
  • India
  • USA 
  • Kenya
  • Sri Lanka
  • Canada
  • Pakistan
  • New Zealand 
  • England

The team Pakistan and Canada, both took clearance from the Indian Government. The opening of the tournament was held at Guru Nanak Stadium, Sultanpur Lodhi on December one, and the closing ceremony held at the Shaheed Bhagat Singh sports stadium. The two matches were held at Amritsar stadium named Shahid Bhagat Singh and the second one in Bathinda. 

The semi-finals of the WC 2019 were held at the Charanganga stadium at the Anandpur Sahib. Kabaddi is a state game of the Punjab region and many top ten players are from Punjab and after it’s become national and international. Many other sports, tournaments, and leagues are held every year and now kabaddi is one of them. Now India also has a women’s kabaddi team who also won the World cup. Day by day the popularity of this game is increasing and betting is also starting on it. This is really a simple match which is played between two teams. 

In the village, this was just a time pass game among the kids because at that time TV and Social Media were not there. The existence of kabaddi was before independence. Slowly the village match started and then its reached the state level, it is also a state-level game of Tamil Nadu and just because of them, the kabaddi became a national game. 

The match of kabaddi is very simple and in this game, only two teams play each other at the same time and in both teams 7 players play. In this game, one raider goes to the opponent team and then he tries to touch or tag as many as one players or all the seven. If he does or touches any player he tries to come back, if he succeeds then he will get a point and the defender will be out from his team. 

The kabaddi also comes in two styles like a circle and in the standard style, circle style is played at the ground and standard style in court. Both the styles are popular among the people, only the player weight’s difference in both the games. In 

It is also popular in Bangladesh and the pro kabaddi league is now a popular sports event. This year it will also take place in India and the schedule of this game passed by the kabaddi organization. The kabaddi pro has increased its popularity in a short time and now the new generation is also taking part and making their career in kabaddi.

🏆 Into Kabaddi World Cup 2020

In 2020 Pakistan hosted two major events of international kabaddi events as per the secretary of the Pakistan Kabaddi Federation Name Rana Mohammad Sarwar. 

He announced that the kabaddi world cup 2024 in October will be also granted by PKF as well as the Asia Kabaddi cup of 2022. Kabaddi is the oldest game in India and it’s a state of game of Tamil Nadu. 

Pakistan hosted the Kabaddi world cup 2020 in the circle style from 9th to 16th Feb in the Punjab stadium Lahore. It was decided or scheduled for January 2020 but due to weather, it was delayed one month. 

Pakistan hosted the WC2020 of kabaddi as well and also won this time. He qualified for the World cup for fifth time and this time he defeated the champion India in Lahore, on 16th February 2020. 

When Pakistan won the toss he chose to raid first but India last year’s champion was still in the lead to end the session first and this was really a nail biting or you can say neck to neck contest. 

Excitement was still continuing to the next session, in this session, Pakistan secured two points lead at the end of the session and for the first time in the circle style kabaddi world cup 2020, they became the winner. 

A match between the runners-up was also played on the same day, these runners-up are from Pool A and Pool B and those countries are Iran and Australia. 

So in this match, Iran took the place of the third position by beating Australia 54-33. The winner of the WC received 10 million, India 7.5 and Iran 5 million as a reward. 

If we talk about the semi-final score then World cup Pakistan defended Iran with a 52-30 score to secure its place in the finals whereas India Defeated Australia with a 42-32 score to secure its place in the final. 

The Circle style of the World Cup of Kabaddi 2020

The Pakistan kabaddi federation decided to host the world cup of kabaddi in its four cities Nankana sahib, Faisalabad, Lahore and Kartarpur but due to weather issues, it was held at Faisalabad, Lahore and Gujrat. 

The timing was the match in the evening and the tournament started on 9th February and the final was held on 16th Feb, in this time total of 24 matches between the team has done.  A total of nine teams participated in this world cup.

This was a cycle style which is held outdoors and if we talk about the indoor style that is a standard style. It is played on the mat which is 13 meters into 10 meters and in the circle style, they measured 22 metres radius on the playing field. There is little difference between both styles. In the standard style, 7 players participate below 80kg and circle 8 players participate without any weight limits. The game is simple in both cycle and standard only, they have slight differences, and the rules are also the same for both styles.