About the Kabaddi World Cup Indian team wins

About the Kabaddi World Cup Indian team wins

The Indian national kabaddi team represents India at various times in the International kabaddi tournament. Even most of the time India got a big reason for winning many times the world cup, south Asian games, and Asian games. The kabaddi world cup was held in 2004. After that in 2007, 2016 and 2020 the men’s world cup was organized all over the world. Many countries participated in this world cup. 

India became the winner three times but in the year 2020, India lost the game to Pakistan. Apart from the Men’s world cup, the women’s world cup was organized in the year 2012. The women team also made Indians proud for winning the world cup. International kabaddi federation conducts the match of the kabaddi world cup. Now we are going to discuss the organized world cup.

The 2004 Kabaddi men’s World Cup

Mumbai, India is the host country of that game. India became the winner by defeating Iran. 12 countries participated in this world cup. 23 matches were played in this world cup. The pattern of that world cup was Round-robin and knockout. India won the landslide victory by scoring 55-27 against Iran in the final match.

The 2007 Kabaddi men’s World Cup

Again India won the cup by defeating Iran. Panvel, Maharashtra was the host country of that world cup.25 matches were played. India won this final match by 29-19 beating Iran.16 countries were the participants of that game. All the matches were conducted based on Indian standard time.

The 2016 Kabaddi men’s World Cup:

India was the winner and Iran was the runner-up. Ahmedabad, India was the host country of that game. In this world cup, Ajay Thakur became the best raider. Surjeet was the best defender who scored 23 points. India won the final match by 38-29. There were 33 matches played in this world cup. 12 teams participated in this world cup. Star Sports, FOX Sports, ESPN, OSN sports were the broadcasters of this world cup. Anup Kumar was the captain of that world cup.

Apart from 2004, 2007, the 2016 men’s kabaddi world cup gave reason again to the Indians citizens for feeling proud after winning the men’s kabaddi world cup by defeating Iran in the final match under the captainship of Anup Kumar in Ahmedabad. But before reaching the final match, India had to fight against the England team in the semi-final match. Now it’s time to discuss briefly here the semi-final match conducted between India and England.

India vs. England Kabaddi World Cup 2016

India won the semi-finals match against England by scoring 69-18 after a tough fight. In this match, England was in terrific form as this team snatched this breathtaking victory by amazing performance. They finished the group match B in fourth place after scoring 10 points. On the other side, India lost to South Korea before this match and completed the group matches by making a big difference of 174. To reach India in the final match there was no other way except winning the match by India. India made the impossible possible, fortunately. 

England made a nice start by getting 2 points as Someshwar Kalia scored in the first minute by leading 2-1. Sandeep Narwal scored a point by super raiding in the third minute and got the lead 5-2 against England. Again Ajay Thakur scored a point by 2-minute raiding in the 5 th minute as India got lead 8-3and made England only two men. India made it all out to the England players in the 6th minute and they scored 12-3 and got the lead position again. 

India’s kabaddi star raider Pardeep Narwal earned his first point in the seventh minute to give India 14-3. India became unstoppable. Their excellent performance raised the ray of hope among the Indian citizens and their consistent breathtaking performance won over the hearts of many audiences. The Indian player Keshav Gupta scored 2 points and made India lead position in the 10 minutes and England started to lose their confidence by lagging behind 5-17. 

The great raider Sandeep Narwal scored 6 points within 13 minutes with his excellent performance India served second all out in 13 minutes and got the lead 24-5. England was not able to score a single point in the first 15 minutes. India again got the lead by 33-5 in the 16 minutes as they made all out the opponent’s players. India continued their dominant position as they took the lead position scoring 37-5 after 18 minutes and scoring runs 20-0 in eight minutes. Pardeep Narwal got super 10 in the first half and Surjeet attained a high 5 as India completely swept away the England team. India made fourth all out in 20 minutes and attained leading position 45-6 after the end of the first half.

India needed 5 substitutes in the second half. Nitin Tomar scored 2 points in the 23rd minute and got the lead 49-7. India made another all-out position in 28 minutes and scored 57-8. England’s first player scored a raid point in 30 minutes as England lagged behind 9-58. India got the lead position scoring 64-14 as Rahul Chaudhuri scored the third point. After 38 minutes India scored 65-15. Ajay Thakur got super 10 in the 39 th minute as India won 69-18.

India vs Iran Kabaddi World Cup 2016 

Kabaddi was the oldest game in India and mostly this game is played in the rural area, it was just a game among children then at the local level when it became famous than some of the Indian state, give it state-level sport like Tamil Nadu and Punjab, you can see how popular it was that now many other countries have their national kabaddi team and the world cup is also started. 

So a game came to a rural area and now it is part of the Olympic and Asian games. This is the journey of kabaddi and now it has become an international part. 

After the Men’s world cup, the women ‘s world cup also took place in the world of sports. Today in this article we will discuss the India and Iran world cup final match. 

In 2016, kabaddi world cup India won the match by defeating Iran.  Iran and India both are strong teams and India won the world cup 2016. 

The second-half performance of India was like a brilliant and memorable comeback, the score of this match was 38-29 and India beat Iran, and in 2016 India Lift the World cup in Ahmedabad. The best performance was in this match Ajay Thakur who lifted 12 points and just because of him India produced a strong comeback. 

The final was really exciting and both the teams played very well, Indian player Sandeep Rawal also played very well. The second raid point was 2-0 and in the third minute because of Iran’s Meraj Sheykh the point level was 2-2. In the fourth minute. 

After it, India sent their raider Ajay Thakur and he led it in eight-minute with 5-4. The match was hard for both teams. The match was really interesting and many fans saw this match online on TV. 

The team of two countries’ players was named who participated in the World cup 2016. 


  • Anup Kumar (Captain)
  • Rahul Chaudhari, 
  • Manjeet Chhillar, 
  • Jasvir Singh,
  • Deepak Niwas Hooda, 
  • Pardeep Narwal, 
  • Mohit Chhillar, 
  • Surender Nada, 
  • Surjeet,
  • Ajay Thakur, 
  • Dharmaraj Cheralathan, 
  • Kiran Parmar, 
  • Nitin Tomar,
  • Sandeep Narwal


  • Meraj Sheykh (Captain),
  • Abolfazl Maghsoudlou Mahalli,
  • Gholamabbas Korouki,
  • Mohammadesmaeil Maghsoudloumahalli, 
  • Mohammadtaghi Pain Mohali,
  • Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari,
  • Abozar Mohajer Mighani,
  • Fazel Atrachali, 
  • Hadi Tajik, 
  • Milad Sheibak, 
  • Soleiman Pahlevani,
  • Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, 
  • Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan,
  • Saeid Ghaffari

All the above are the players of the India and Iran team who participated in the world cup 2016. The main player of the Indian team was Ajay Thakur who earned the maximum point in the World cup 2016. 

India was also the champion of the last world cup and he knew that he would win this game. He played this game in a very calm way. They all know that India has a great expectation from them because of their successful winning earlier. The first half was also interesting. The man of the match was Ajay Thakur with 12 points, he is a great raider of the India Team.

The 2020 Kabaddi men’s World Cup

In this Indians got disappointed as Pakistan was the winner and India became runner-up. The two countries became hosts in this world cup. These are Lahore, Pakistan, and Punjab, India. 9 countries participated in this world cup. Pakistan won the final match by scoring 43-41 over India.

The match was conducted by the government of Punjab, Pakistan, and sports board Punjab and Pakistan kabaddi federation. The world cup got the promotion by using this line – Apni Mitti Apna Khel. The opening ceremony was held in Punjab stadium, Lahore. Deepak Hooda was the captain of that world cup.

Women’s World Cup

Kabaddi women’s team won the world cup three times in 2012, 2013, and 2014 against Iran and the last two times against New Zealand. The host country was the 2012 kabaddi world cup Bihar; India. 16 teams participated in this game. The team won the final match 19-11 Over Iran.

Mamtha Poojari was the captain of that team. In 2016 Indian women’s team won the world cup, in this competition the format involves a round-robin group stage with 6 teams and in two pools.

How many times has India won the Kabaddi World cup?

The Kabaddi game originated from the Indians, this game was played locally in the rural areas of India, and internationally it was first played in 1938 in the Olympics. If we talk about the Olympics for kabaddi, India is a very popular sport. So there is a question of how many times India won the cup and we are here with the complete list of winners and runners up.

The World Cup is an indoor international kabaddi competition that is hosted by the International Kabaddi Federation and was founded in 2004 in 31 countries. And the world cup is now contested by both men’s and women’s as a national team.

Winners List of Kabaddi World Cup

The kabaddi played into two styles and there are two types of kabaddi styles 

  • The First Standard style Kabaddi World cup was founded in 2004.
  • The Second Circular style Kabaddi World Cup was founded in 2010. 

The standard style kabaddi is the most common style which is followed by all of the teams, these games are played on the indoor rectangular court. This happens under the international kabaddi Federation, the three world cups have been played till today and all the world cups are won by India:

  • In 2004 WC was Hosted by Mumbai and won by India with a 55-27 score and the runner-up was Iran and in third place is Bangladesh and Canada. 
  • In 2007 WC was Hosted by Panvel and won by India 29-19 score and runner up was Iran and third place was Bangladesh and Japan.
  • In 2016 WC hosted by Ahmedabad won by India with the 38-29 score and third place took South Korea and Thailand. 

The world cup circular winner was adopted by Punjab and also held in 2010. This is an outdoor game and not like the standard style. It has the 5 edition in the world cup and the list of the winners is as follows:

  • The 2012 WC was hosted by Patna and won by India with a score of 25-19, runner-up Iran, and third and fourth place took by Japan and Thailand.
  • The 2013 WC was hosted by Ludhiana and won by India with a score of 49-21, runner up of the game was New Zealand, and third and fourth place taken by Denmark and Pakistan.
  • The 2014 WC was hosted by Sri Muktsar Sahib and won by India after defeating New Zealand and third and fourth place took by Pakistan and Denmark.
  • The 2016 WC was hosted by Jalalabad, Fazika, and won by India with a 45-10 score, runner-up of this game was the United States, and third and fourth place taken by New Zealand and Kenya.
  • The 2020 WC was hosted by Lahore and won by Pakistan with 43-41, runner up was India and third and fourth place took by Iran and Australia.

Indian Kabaddi team captains

The captain has to bear huge pressure to bring success to the country. Apart from that, the captain has to play well. After all, he is also an active member of his team. It can be said that apart from the contribution of the players, the contribution of the captain is undoubtedly out of question.

At present, the captain of the men’s kabaddi team is Deepak Niwas Hooda. The captain of the women’s kabaddi team is Mamtha Poojari.

Let’s discuss the captains of organized tournaments all over the world:

  • Women’s Kabaddi World Cup 2012: Mamtha Poojari was the captain of that 1st women’s world cup.
  • Men’s Kabaddi World Cup 2016: India became the winner against Iran under the captainship of Anup Kumar.
  • South Asian Games 2016 (men and women): The game was conducted in Guwahati, India. India men’s team won the game against Pakistan and the women’s team won over Bangladesh. Anup Kumar was the captain of the men’s team and Tejaswini Bai was the captain of the female team.
  • Asian Kabaddi Championship 2017: Abhilasha Mhatre was the captain of that team. Apart from that, she was captain of the women’s national team also.
  • Asian Games for Women 2018: Payel Chowdhury became the captain of the Asian games. This is a proud moment for Bengali. The first time, a Bengali girl became the captain of any game. Not only had she become captain of the Indian kabaddi women’s team.
  • Men’s World Cup 2020: India played the world cup under the captainship of Deepak Niwas Hooda. Ajay Thakur was the captain of the 2017 Indian national team of kabaddi.
  • South Asian Kabaddi Games 2019 (men and women): Dipak Niwas Hooda was the captain of the South Asian games kabaddi men’s championship which was held in Nepal. Priyanka was the captain of the women’s kabaddi championship. The men’s team won against Srilanka and the women’s team won against Nepal.

Fortunately, the Indian kabaddi team has got competent captains both in men’s and women’s teams which is reflected in the performance of the Indian team in many international tournaments.